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2. Deposit of wrong tokens, addresses, or networks cannot be recovered.

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M2 Pro is a new type of miner that has been seeing exponential growth lately.

Leveraging on the Proof of Participation (POP) model, M2 Pro offers a new type of mining in which the amount of tokens mined is determined by the value of the miner’s participation in the network itself.

The difference in comparison to the Proof of Work (POW) or Proof of Stake (POS) model is quite clear and is in favour of POP mining that M2 Pro has adopted and perfected. POW requires excessive electrical power while POS endorses a system in which the rich get richer. Both models have an inherent flaw that the mining effort exists to serve the mining network, and the mining network exists so that the mining effort can continue. Outside of this loop, there is no value (other than tokens mined).

M2 Pro challenges this idea. When a miner plugs in the M2 Pro and starts mining, the miner is proving his/her participation in the network by mining “data blocks”. This action is used to prove that the M2 Pro miner is in an operational state. Therefore, it requires little electricity.

Then, depending on the demand for the network, M2 Pro is used as a gateway that deploys an IoT data network for IoT devices. The miner receives compensation for performing this action.

Therefore, M2 Pro allows low-power mining in perpetuity, along with leveraging its mining network to serve the rapidly growing LPWAN-focused IoT industry.


Features Highlight

1. Low-Power. M2 Pro uses less than 5W of electricity. That is slightly less than the amount of electricity required to turn on a lightbulb. The operational cost of mining is therefore virtually zero.

2. Independent. M2 Pro serves as an independent point of transmission within a global network. This means that anyone can install an M2 Pro anywhere, and start mining. If you happen to be the first one to install an M2 Pro in your area, then you effectively have a monopoly over the LPWAN network in your area.

3. Patented Technology. M2 Pro uses patented technology developed by MatchX and MXC Foundation. This means that it’s one-of-a-kind.

4. Outdoor Miner. To maximise the network coverage deployed by your M2 Pro, we recommend installing it at a higher elevation. We understand that it’s difficult to do that if you install your miner indoors. That’s why we made it weather-proof with IP66 rating, with built-in lightning protection.

5. Easy Mining. It takes less than 5 minutes to install your M2 Pro. Simply plug it in, and let the M2 Pro figure everything out by itself. It will configure itself automatically, and start mining right away.

6. Smartphone Application. M2 Pro is supported by MXC’s native smartphone application, MXC DataDash (available on both iOS and Android). Simply scan the QR code on the M2 Pro using MXC DataDash to complete the registration and pairing process within a matter of seconds. After that, you can take your phone to monitor your mining operation wherever you are.

7. Staking. The native app – MXC DataDash – can be used for everything. One of the features is staking. You can stake your mined MXC tokens to earn more MXC, or you can choose to stake your MXC tokens to earn Data Highway DAO (DHX) tokens.

8. No minimum withdrawal. All the tokens you mine with M2 Pro are yours. There is no minimum withdrawal threshold, meaning you can withdraw your tokens at any time.

9. Funds Safety. The tokens mined are stored through our partner – Cobo Custody. Combined with biometric security and 2FA on MXC DataDash, the funds are always secure.

10. MULTI-TOKEN MINING. Ever since MXC first launched, we have positioned ourselves as a parachain. We knew such a project like Polkadot would come along, and interoperability will be a key issue. This means that our mining protocol is topped with interchain operability. The data block issuer or mining network user (usually companies and organisations) can opt-in to set the fee in whatever cryptocurrency they desire.
This means that M2 Pro can mine MXC, DHX, and most recently, BTC through Das Kaiser Projekt.

11. Globally certified. M2 Pro has certification for major markets worldwide, including FCC. So miners can rest assured that the M2 Pro has been accepted as above-standard technology by their respective governments.

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