CoinMarketCap Daily Newsletter: Crypto Market Cap Hits $1.4 Trillion 🤩

Total Market Cap $1.35T (-2.17%)
24 Hour Volume $222.94B (+5.35%)
Notable Movers Avalanche (AVAX) (+84.21%)
Bitcoin Dominance 61.42% (-1.64%)
Bitcoin Price $44,833.52 (-3.03%)
Notable Movers Dogecoin (DOGE) (+9.56%)

Market Activity

Wed. Feb 10, 2021

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Today’s Top Stories 📰

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Crypto Market Cap Hits $1.4 Trillion 💸

Wednesday saw another big milestone as the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies hit $1.4 trillion… briefly. Bitcoin and Dogecoin have suffered today as altcoins take center stage. Cardano was up 22% at the time of writing, while Binance Coin has surged 28% in just 24 hours. Ether has managed to hit record highs for three consecutive days. Read more here.

Hackers Who Stole $100m in Crypto Arrested 🚨

Criminals who stole $100 million in crypto from celebrities have been arrested. The high-profile victims included musicians, sports stars, influencers and their families. Europol said the gang used SIM swapping to gain access to crypto accounts and their personal data. Detectives have now offered advice on how the public can keep safe. Read more here.

Elon Musk Gives out Advice To Crypto Holders 🙊

Elon Musk has caused a storm on Twitter again, only this time it has nothing to do with Dogecoin. The entrepreneur urged his followers to avoid platforms that don’t give you your private keys, repeating the mantra “Not your keys, not your coins.” The Tesla CEO also attacked Freewallet, telling them: “Your app sucks.” See the full story here.

Grayscale CEO: Firms Will Rush to Buy Bitcoin 🏃🏽‍♀️

There’s been a lot of speculation recently about whether major institutions will follow in the footsteps of Tesla by snapping up Bitcoin. Some say yes, but some say it’s a firm no right now. The CEO of Grayscale is more optimistic — and says the mood has shifted from why, to why not. Crypto has seen a surge of interest from institutional investors recently. Read more.

Crypto Site Joins Forces with Football Club ⚽

A top English football club has teamed up with a crypto betting website. and Southampton FC are hoping to allow fans to “recreate the matchday experience at home” as matches continue to be played behind closed doors because of COVID-19. Supporters will also be able to place bets using their favorite cryptocurrency. Find out more here.


Crypto Is Hiring 💼

Full Stack Engineer at The Social Network

Crypto Content & Social Media Wizard
 at Innovion

Solidity Developer to build the future of market making
 at Polymarket (Remote / NYC)

Communications Lead
 at Vite Labs

Social Media & Content Manager
 at Harmony

Senior Backend Developer
 at RelayPay (Sydney)

Senior Frontend Developer
 at RelayPay (Sydney)


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