“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
Jim Rohn


Crypto Trends 2020 on Binance

In 2020, worldwide markets faced unprecedented volatility, while the economic recovery in many countries has been K-shaped, delivering a financial blow to already-vulnerable communities. With traditional financial systems under stress, retail users and institutions turned to cryptocurrencies en masse, driving the crypto markets to new heights.

Binance Futures 2020 Recap: Where Bitcoin took us and what awaits in 2021?

The resurgence of cryptocurrencies has quickly positioned them as one of the best-performing assets in 2020, outperforming traditional investments such as Gold and the stock markets. Many analysts believe that the rally will continue in 2021 as inflation-boosting stimulus programs authorized by major central banks and governments are likely to continue.

Changing the Game: Binance Launchpool Announces More Fan Tokens To Come

As part of the second phase of the collaboration with Chiliz and Socios.com, Binance Launchpool users can now acquire new token rewards in return for staking different tokens. Read more to explore the new fan tokens.
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The Complete CZ Reading List

“These are the top books I recommend. They all impacted and contributed to my understanding and view of the world as well as shaping my thinking models. I believe they will have a positive impact on you too,” says Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao.
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CompaniesMarketCap: Bitcoin Now the World’s Largest Financial Service

Fresh off Bitcoin’s rally past $25,000 and new all-time high, CompaniesMarketCap has put BTC on the top of its rankings, with $492.88 billion in market cap as of December 27.
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Interest Rates Explained
It doesn’t make much sense to lend money for free. If Alice wants to borrow $10,000 from Bob, Bob will need a financial incentive to loan it to her. That incentive comes in the form of interest – a kind of fee that gets added on top of the amount Alice borrows.

But what is interest? And how to calculate your interest rate? Read this week’s lesson from Binance Academy to learn more.

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