If you are going Buy or Sell Bitcoin or any crypto with us.


Welcome Buyer/Seller!

First, all you need to know that i am a serious Trader.

My rules to be accepted are a must.

Buyers require steps 1-2-3

Sellers require steps 1-2


1. Full KYC required ID, Passport or Driver license

Full name: First – Middle – Last

Full Address: Country – City – Street – bldg…etc

Phone & Mobile: 009610000000000

Email address: example@example.com

Your occupation: employed-self employed..etc and what is your profession (IT, Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer…etc)


2.Selfie Holding ID, Passport or driver license + holding paper written the order reference or amount buying or selling ( Text I am buying/selling  xxx from icryptos with your name and today’s date/time of opening the trade).

3. Identification video: Capture video  for your self holding your id or passport mentioning your full name, dat of birth, and id or passport number and the amount you are sending or receiving from/to your bank, western union, skrill or any other digital payments account with currency and reference number for transfer.

(for video don’t say crypto)

4.The bitcoin will be released when the money has reached the account.


5.If you don’t provide these details, no deal will be proceeded, so sorry ( scammers keep away)



all above documents and data to be sent to this email info@icryptos-lb.com


PS: New customers max trade limit 1000$/day then we raise limit with time up to 10,000$/day


KYC is required depending on each deal and conditions. Contact us to check your deal.

We promise we will protect your privacy, It is requested  in case banks or any legal authorities ask for your documents. Thus we protect all our transactions and clients.

Happy trading



List of restricted countries below, with respect to all humans around the world:(to be updated regularly)

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, Libya, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Yemen